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26 / 01 / 2024
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Lewi Manunggal telah berpengalaman ditunjuk untuk menjadi sole distributor di wilayah Jawa Timur dari berbagai macam produk terkenal di dunia oleh banyak perusahaan multinasional, seperti Cheil Jedang, Laboratorios Ovajero, Nippon Soda Co., dan sebagainya.


Pros acid G

 Serves as an alternative to antibiotics to effectively accelerate growth in pigs and poultry


Pros acid G

Pros acid G is an acid supplement for mixing with anima feed. Containing organic acid in sodium form, it can be used for balancing acidity and inhibit bacterial growth in the gastrointestinal track, being active against E. Coli salmonella. It also helps accelerate growth and improve feed conversion ratio in pigs and poultry.


Composition of better pharma PROS ACID G per 1kg

Citric acid                                                 99.5     g

Propionic acid in sodium form                     78       g

Formic acid in calcium form                      350       g

Lactic acid in calcium form                         58       g

Carrier q.s to                                              1     kg


Activity of Pros Acid G


-            Stimulate enzymes released by pankreas

-            Stimulate protein-digesting enzymes to properly perform (pepinogen ->            pepsin)

-            Enchance the absorption of minerals in gastrointestinal tract

-            Slow down the movement of feed from stomach -> intestines, prolonging          time for digestion

Product test and trial

   Product test and trial was conducted in thailand to study the efficiency of PROS ACID G increase body weight gain and decrease backfat loss. This can be achieved by adding PROS ACID G into feed for mother pigs, from the period of two weeks before giving birth until weaning.


Recommended dosage is 1.5 kg per feed ton.

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